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Khalsa Educational Institutions all set to switch to Solar Energy

Satyajit Majithia Inaugurate Solar Project at Khalsa College.

In a new initiative, the historic Khalsa College management today inaugurated the 775 Kilowatt Solar Energy plant at the campus here today, thus switching over to the `green energy’. The solar panels have been installed at various colleges and schools’ campuses including historic Khalsa College and electricity requirements of academic block, hostels, canteens and other buildings will be met with solar power generation.

Khalsa College Governing Council President Satyajit Singh Majithia inaugurated the plant in presence of honorary secretary RMS Chhina and Sanjeev Aggarwal, MD and CEO, Amplus, the company which has installed the project. The panels will generate electricity from the sunlight which will minimize the use of thermal and hydro-based power, thus cutting costs and adopting natural way of lighting and other use of energy, said Majithia.Apart from Khalsa College, the Khalsa College of Women, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Khalsa College of Nursing and Khalsa College of Engineering and Technology, Ranjit Avenue and Khalsa College Public School and Khalsa College Girls Senior Secondary School, have installed the panels.

Majithia said the idea was to opt sustainable source of energy.``Solar power is one environment compatible resource which is being taken up by numerous organizations and Khalsa institutions are leading by switching over to this option of energy with the objective to cut costs on the rising prices of the power and adopting the clean energy that will finally benefit the environment’’, said he.

Chhina earlier said Solar Power is a useful solution to overcome the shortage of energy. ``The shift would benefit the colleges and schools economically as the per unit cost of the power would come down from more than Rs.7.00 per unit of electricity supply to Rs.4.00 per unit. It would also help in dealing with power cuts as power supply would be uninterrupted and use of the diesel generators during the power failures would come down”, said he. 

Sanjiv Aggarwal added that they were proud to complete the project in record time and would be happily serving the historic educational institutions. He said they were happy that the Society has taken this initiative to switch over to green energy. ``The initiative will save 3268 tonnes of carbons and 7567 barrel crude oil annually’’, said Aggarwal. Principal Dr. Mehal Singh said the undertaking from the company had been taken that there will be no hazardous impact of installation of panels on heritage buildings. Those present included additional honourary secretary JS Brar, Gunbir Singh, Rajbir Singh, SS Mannan, Ajmer Singh, SS Abdal, PS Bal.