About us

Khalsa College Charitable Society - Governing Council

Khalsa College Charitable Society claims pre-eminence not only for its glorious past, but also because of its visionary outlook towards the future. It finds inspiration in the lofty ideals of the Great Gurus who have always advocated a progressive attitude of mind, giving up all that is dogmatic, according due value to intelligence and logic. The college was visualized as a place of learning that would strive towards ever higher degrees of excellence in development of the mind and spirit.

Khalsa College Charitable Society prides itself on associating with and nurturing highly intelligent, inspired and hardworking personalities. Progress is our watchword and academic achievement our measure of success. The eminence of its teaching faculty and fascination of its well-stocked library, high tech laboratories, extensive playing-fields and recently renovated hostels are its main attractions. A sense of grandeur and beauty pervades the campus.


Khalsa College Charitable Society, the premier-most institute of higher learning, was established by the leaders of the Singh Sabha Movement in 1892. They were inspired by the lofty ideals of the great Gurus. They planned it to be a growing institution which would strive forever to achieve high degree of excellence of mind, body and soul for the welfare of the youth. The architectural grandeur of its buildings and layout of its campus clearly demonstrate the "will & vision" of the founders.

Right from the very beginning, highly intelligent, inspired and hard-working personalities have remained associated with it. The eminence of its teaching faculty and fascination of its well-stocked library, well-equipped laboratories, well maintained play grounds and hostels have been its main attractions. A sense of greatness and beauty pervades the corridors of its campus. The aim of growing up into a University continues to inspire us.