Khalsa College Charitable Society,Amritsar

We Do Charity

We understand that the Educational Institutions play a vital role in building a prosperous, educated and a well-meaning society and a nation. Taking inspirations from our great, revered Gurus’ message of ‘Sarbat Da Bhalla’ (Welfare of All), we, and all the institutions under our management, aspire to work for people’s welfare and charities.

  • Khalsa College Charitable Society (KCCS) shouldering its historical legacy of philanthropy undertakes a number of works in form of providing scholarships, stipends, freeships to the meritorious students.
  • We aspire to build a secular, educated and just society, aiming to impart best of the technical and professional education to society and inculcate a sense of peaceful co-existence and universal brotherhood.
  • In the present Coronavirus Crisis, KCCS gave ample donations as cash/relief material to the Centre, State and District Administration to fight the Covid-19. The staff and Principals contributed their part of salaries for the purpose.
  • Donated Sanitizers/Masks from time to time to those who are fighting the Covid-19 emergency situations arising from the deadly Pandemic.
  • Institutions arrange NCC/NSS Camps/program in the nearby rural/urban areas for cleanliness, environment awareness. The programs aim to instill an idea of social welfare amongst students. The volunteers work to ensure that the needy get help to enhance their standard of living and lead a life of dignity.
  • Our flagship program, `KCCS Welfare Scheme’, provides support to students in case of any accident as per the laid policy, fee concession to fatherless/orphan students.
  • Concessions for siblings studying in same institutions
  • Promotion of Sikh Martial Art Gatka at Khalsa College free of cost as the course is funded annually by Sarbat Da Bhalla Trust headed by philanthropist Sardar SPS Oberio.
  • National level scholarship is provided to every eligible SC/ST student.
  • Freeship/stipends/scholarships for meritorious Sportspersons

-DS Rataul